There is something comforting and encouraging about beginning a project that you sometimes feel like is an impossible goal in the embrace of your homeland. This last trip to Cayman was especially filled with an immense amount of support and love from everyone back home and I feel so full of gratitude for you all. Here are some straight up facts and pictures of the whole adventure below.

I flew in on a Tuesday night and got a sunburn with my friend Rachel on a Wednesday. 

On Thursday I walked the red carpet at the CNCF National Arts + Culture Awards and was given a Silver Star. I was really happy to have Miss Lassie's face etched on that medal and proud to stand next to all my peers who were also honored with stars that night.

Oh, and this picture of my Dad laughing with me on the way to the ceremony makes my heart really really happy.

On Friday I borrowed some speakers from the Cayman Music Collective and played my first house concert of the year surrounded by friends and family. My Grandma made chocolate muffins, my Dad fed everyone tabouli, my Mom filled our living room with pillows and ambient lighting, my sister collected donations at the door and my brother opened the show with an awesome guitar solo.

This is love. 

My friend and fellow artist Paul Chin captured this super intense moment mid song.

My girl Naomi snapped this photo of all these beautiful humans who collectively raised $1201.32 for the International Rescue Committee that night.

After that last song you guys brought me to tears with your kindness, generosity and overwhelming support. Suddenly it begins and it all feels possible because of you.

Thank you.

On Saturday night I played on the rooftop of the Harquail Theatre for the Red Sky at Night Festival. I ate my fill of conch stew + cassava cake and danced to Swanky Kitchen Band with my Mom like two true Caymanian women. 

On Sunday I flew back to San Diego, happy and sun-kissed with love and encouragement for the 29 more house concerts ahead of me.  

Thank you Cayman. I'll love you forever. <3