Last Saturday was the second house concert of the Golden 30 Tour and it was magical and full of mixed feelings. My friend Maryna and all the wonderful people who live at the Pescadero House in Ocean Beach were my kind and generous hosts and after I set up my gear they made me rose petal tea with lemon and honey and I sat outside and greeted everyone as they came. Some were friends, some were strangers and everyone was extremely generous with their donations to the International Rescue Committee. Someone even brought me a bouquet of dried flowers with an amethyst crystal tied to it; a gesture that warmed my heart and invited me to open up in song for all those people.

Once the room was full I began to play and when it was all over I buzzed from all the overwhelming feelings I had shared and that were coming my way. People started to jam afterwards and faces of friends and strangers all came up to offer their hugs, inspirations, stories and encouragement for the journey ahead. By the end of it all I was exhausted and as midnight approached I stepped outside for air and I noticed it was raining. My hosts fed me soup and bread and cheese and as we sat there and talked about life I slowly faded asleep on a giant stuffed polar bear whose arms almost wrapped the whole way around me.